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Picture of student graduates of the mold training seminar in Manila, Philippines, held March 15, 16, and 17, 2012.
Mold training instructor and mold expert Divine Fry has just presented the Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Remediator
certificates to her mold training students at the certification seminar in Manila, Philippines, March 15, 16, and 17, 2012.

For more information, please email Phillip Fry at phil@moldinspector.com, or call 1-480-310-7970 (USA)

Testimonials from Mold and Environmental
Training and Certification Students

        Mold and environmental hygienist training graduates of the Environmental Hygienists Association (E.H.A.) enviro training programs, or its training predecessor Professional Certification Institute, are very pleased with the mold and environmental hygiene training they have received from environmental hygienist and mold instructors Phillip Fry and Divine Fry.

Feb. 19, 2015. Shanghai, China. “I flew halfway around the world from Shanghai, China, during the Chinese New Year, to Montrose, Michigan, USA, for the very in depth mould inspection training and certification seminar taught in a class just for me by Phillip and Divine Fry of the Environmental Hygienists Association. The Frys utilized hands-on training on the very best, high-tech mould testing and removal equipment in the classroom, very easy-to-understand explanations and teachings, and a spectacular power point presentation to enable me to provide high quality mould inspection and removal services to expats, expat companies, and Chinese companies and individuals throughout both China and Hong Kong. They also sold and delivered to me while there a 220 volt ozone generator and 220 volt air testing pump, along with a mould fogging machine and other professional equipment and testing media (not easily to find in Asia), which I am taking back with me on the plane to Shanghai. Thanks, to Phil and Divine, I am now a well-trained Certified Mould Inspector and Certified Mould Remediator”---Jie Chen, a Chinese-born American citizen, living in China.”---Jie Chen, Shanghai email address jiechen626@yahoo.com. Cell: 0086-139-1738-9913

July 29, 2014, Toronto, Canada. "If I had my way, I would recommend Phillip for a Nobel Price award for developing the science of practical mold remediation. He is a Professor in practical mold remediation. He went further to share this knowledge all over the world. He has touched people's life in a positive way by helping to get rid of exposure to fungi-related diseases. It takes the genius in him to do this. I recommend his trainings on mold to anyone who desires to gain mastery over this monster called mold."--- Akin, Toronto

June 5, 2014. Zamboanga, Philippines. "Thank you for coming to the Philippines and teaching our 13 person environmental staff for mold and mildew training. Your training will really contribute to our work, especially when we are doing mold inspections in our facilities. We are now able to determine what is mold and how to handle it. God bless you always."---Ronald Tunacao

June 5, 2014. Zamboanga, Philippines. "Your training was fantastic and it will be very useful in our job."---Rolito Hamoy

June 5, 2014. Zamboanga, Philippines. "Very energetic during training class. Kudos for your mold training team."---Alvin Arcillas

June 5, 2014. Zamboanga, Philippines. "Great job, good seminar. Great! Great training."---Dandie P.

June 5, 2014. Zamboanga, Philippines. "A big thanks to your team for the effort you have exerted. Best of all, for the knowledge you have shared with us."---Chidz

Feb. 10, 2014. Sedona, Arizona. In January 2014 our company found itself a little over our heads in what we thought would be a simple repair job. We would not have had successful results without Phil’s help.  He showed up promptly on the job site with all the equipment necessary to start the job and went right to work. Not only did he inspected the home for mold but also trained and certified our employees in mold remediation. His training methodology and delivery was easy to understand and retain. After certification and with his help, we were able to submit billable hours to the insurance company that will more than cover our education costs.  Thanks Phil for making a losing job into a winner.  Our contracting company was called to a well-fair check on a home in Sedona AZ. On our arrival the house was warm and humid with a very musty smell. There was obvious water damages in the kitchen area, dining area, hall way, master bedroom and front living room from a broken water pipe above the kitchen in the attic space.  Water had been running long enough to saturate the entire kitchen ceiling and had dropped the drywall and insulation to the floor. A crew of 3 workers was sent out to begin the clean-up and drying of the home. When the home was found to be dry we thought we were ready to start repairs.  The lower kitchen cabinets were removed and we found green growth that appeared to be mold. As it was less than 10 sq. feet, we felt it was within our scope to carefully remove cabinets directly out the rear door of the kitchen.   While working on removing the flooring in the entryway and pulling additional base board molding, more possible mold was found. At that point we felt that the “Possible” mold issues exceeded the scope of our company’s expertise. We called several local Mold Inspectors but they where too busy to respond. After searching for a reputable company we found The Mold Inspector, Phil Fry online to be our best choice. Phil Fry offered to come up and evaluated the situation as well as provide training for our crew in assisting in the remediation. He also offered to put on a local class for us and use the home for hands on training. Phil inspected the suspected areas of mold growth on the property. His initial impression was that we did in fact have a mold problem but that we would need lab conformation to verify his suspicions. He stated remediation of the property was in order with or without the Lab’s conformation of mold. He showed us how using an ozone generator could make a safer working environment for our employees. He trained our workers on how the mold should be treated, scrubbed and cleaned, followed up by Hepa vacuum, encapsulation and followed up with air scrubbers. He then helped us come up with an action plan on how to remediate our actual job. That action plan, along with pictures and estimate was sent to the Insurance Company for reimbursement. Phil we could not have done this job without your help!---William Maxwell, owner AZRapidRehab

Dec. 8, 2013. Olivebridge, New York. On the week end of November 30th, Phil Fry and his wife Devine, came to my home and helped me with my household mold problem and gave me a comprehensive certificate course on mold remediation. The comprehensive care with which Phil analyzed my mold problem and designed and effectively executed the abatement procedure was truly a great relief because I was badly stressing over a serious mold problem that was threatening my new home which my wife and I had just built two years ago. I was particularly impressed with the  extraordinary diligence and genuinely empathic concern with which Devine fry left no stone unturned in her thorough search and discovery of the most difficult to find locations of mold in my home and amongst affected belongings as if this was her own home under attack by mold. Prior to the extensive research I conducted to locate a genuinely knowledgeable and effective mold abatement expert with and impeccable reputation, I had three different mold abatement companies visit my home and each time I felt more insecure about the outcome of my mold problem. Having an extensive background in construction and general home inspections, my reaction to each of these  mold inspections and so called solutions was " give me a break!" Thank you Phil and Devine---John Shively, Olivebridge, New York

May 10, 2013. "Your mold training seminar was a great service. Very educational and informative. Easy to understand."---Cesar Burgos, Downey, California.

Nov. 13, 2012. “Dear Phillip, We were pleased with what we learned from you in our mold and environmental training and certification. You know your stuff. Mold is a very large problem that people should be aware of it. I would like to thank you for all information you had and took the time to teach us. Thank You.”---John Brodeur, Certified Mould Inspector, Certified Mould Remediator, Certified Environmental Hygienist, and President, EDM Interiors, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Sept. 14, 2012. "The face to face training I received from Phillip and Divine was fantastic. The easy to understand theory information and the actual hands on training I received in how to perform mold inspection and testing made my trip to Arizona exceptionally worthwhile. Becoming a Certified Environmental Hygienist is an honor and ministry to perform a  much needed public health service to residents and businesses in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, and I  especially benefited by being trained by the guru of mold inspection, mold remediation, and environmental hygienist practice."--Michael Wiley, Accokeek, Maryland.

July 28, 2012. "Phillip, Almost two years ago I took your on line course for environmental Hygiene. Just wanted to let you know we started with my oldest son and I, One truck, and ten pieces of equipment. We got busy marketing a new concept and just two years later, in the worst economy since the great depression, we have 6 vehicles, moved out of my basement into a building in a very high profile area of town. Your course set the ground work so that we were able to write a business plan including environmental hygiene without being a conflict. Hopefully we are on or way to opening in other locations. Its a great growing field. Mold is the 21st. century asbestos word!!!!Thanks again," John H Parker III, President Mold Inc. Mid-south

John Parker's business highway sign. John also gets many clients through
effective radio and TV commercials that promote both his company's mold
expertise and his company's fire and flood damage restoration service.

Jan. 20, 2012. "Dr. Phillip Fry was instrumental in helping me establish my business some 12 years ago and provided me with one of the key components to my All Natural Mold Removal system. He has helped thousands of other mold remediators as well, become better than the competition. His insights and perspectives are both informed and efficacious. If you are suffering from a serious mold problem or are looking to become a successful mold remediation contractor you could not find a better resource.  In fact I believe in him so much, when I train other mold contractors to use my system they receive their certifications directly from Dr. Phillip Fry, and when customers buy my All Natural DIY Mold Removal System I send them copies of all of Phil's FIVE books.  Thanks again Dr. Phillip, you are the best in the WORLD at what you do---"Charles Boday CMR, CMI, CEI, CCMCC Author: The Ultra Dry Basement: A basic Guide to Understanding and Correcting Foundation Water Problems,  Got Mold, Now What? : A basic guide to understanding and correcting mold in your home, Inventor of the Bio3Blaster Ozone machines, Inventor of the Oxygreen Blaster and Bedbug Destruct System, Creator of the All Natural Mold Removal System.

Dec. 27, 2011
, "The training provided by Phillip and Divine is excellent, and prepared me well to start my own business as an environmental hygienist and mold inspector.  The training was very thorough and practical.  I highly recommend doing part of the training in person with Phillip Fry if possible, he is a wealth of knowledge and experience.  The program gave me the tools and the confidence needed to be a successful mold expert.  If you want to get into this industry, you have to be taught and trained by the best, and Phillip's training and certification program is the way to go.  No regrets here!  Thanks Phil!"  Tyson Haas, Owner of EnviroInspectors, California, Certified Environmental Hygienist Certified Mold Inspector, and Certified Mold Remediator

 "Over the years  one advantage knowing Phillip Fry is his excellence in  providing his students with  a sound understanding of the mold issue problems found today when dealing  with  modern  day building materials . His courses will  guide you  through  the difficult areas and provide you with Training and Certification. I am the owner of Indoor Environmental  Control  Inc. here in  Southern California  and have now over 15 years experience in  working with  my customers . Thanks to  Phillip  Fry and his training I have been  able to  make a decent living  and providing  a needed service to  my  customers."---Hank  Taylor, Certified Mold Inspector -  Certified Mold Remediation  Contractor, website:  http://www.moldmen.com, Dec. 20, 2011

“Dear Phillip, The online certification course you offer is the best. You provide such a professional resources and reading materials.
I found a lot of useful information for myself and my clients. Phillip, it is my pleasure to thank you for the professional support you provided during my certification process.” ---Alona Davelman M.Sc.,  Certified Mould Inspector, and owner of Mouldchek Environmental Services (Canada), and owner of the website www.mouldchek.com, in an email to Phillip Sept. 9, 2010.

To Phillip Fry and Catherine Sy: "I would like to express gratitude for the time and effort you have spent with us for the Mold Training conducted last 27 August 2010. The knowledge gained was most helpful to our colleagues, much more to the hotel.”--- Kay Garcia,
Learning and Development Assistant, Mandarin Oriental Hotel (the famous five star hotel in Makati City, Philippines)

Mold expert and mold instructor Phillip Fry, sitting in front of  the
Mandarin Oriental Hotel engineering and housekeeping supervisors and
managers who participated in Fry's all day mold training seminar,
August 27 2010.

Hi Phil, I just wanted to say that when starting out as an Environmental Hygienist I was excited and I could not wait to advertise. I have to say that I have almost tripled my income being an Environmental Hygienist and bigger companies have used my service. The school and online course you offer is beyond other schools I have been to. You made it easy for me to become certified. You are with out a doubt a good man and teacher and I thank you. I will spread the word and you can use this on your sites if you wish. Truly, Daniel Skinner, Certified Environmental Hygienist, Los Angeles, California, August 20, 2010.

     Dear Phillip, Just wanted to tell you what an incredible resource you have provided for all of the recognized mold and environmental certifications. I was in the construction business for 30 years. I found myself without any business due to the economic turn down. I looked and searched for something to re-educate myself that would be recession proof, and thanks to you and the vast amount of hard work you and your staff have done and made available to those like me, I now have started a business that is gaining ground much faster than I ever thought could happen with a start up. Thank you so much for the mold training help, resources and professionalism you have provided.---John Parker, Certified Environmental Hygienist, President Mold Inc., Memphis Tennessee, July 19, 2010

I completed your excellent training course for my being certified as a Certified Mold Contractor for mold remediation back in December of 2002.  I have completed many successful mold remediation jobs since then, and I would like to thank you for the course and for your certification of me as a Certified Mold Contractor.  I look forward to many future years of making money doing mold professional and effective remediation because of the practical training you provided me in 2002. Best wishes! ----Alex Britva, Emf. Inc. (in email to Phillip Fry on July 09,2010). Alek is a Certified Mold Contractor, serving in Illinois.

         “This (mold training and certification) information is super!! This has been such an enlightening course. You can quote me!!!  Thanks again, this has been one of the most eye opening courses I have taken (and I am trained in many things).I am very impressed by the wide breadth and depth of the environmental hygiene training information you are providing to me!!! I also really appreciate the substantial help you have given me as to how to write inspection reports for my new environmental hygienist clients”----Bruce Ruttkay (in email to Phillip Fry on May 21, 2010). Bruce is a Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Remediator, serving Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland.

Phil, I've got every possible thing from the training I received this summer.  The most important part is the opportunity to meet you in person and get the courage to educate myself in this field, to become an Environmental Inspector.  The training I received opened a world of possibilities in terms of developing a successful mold business as well as educating customers about the dangers of mold on their health and helping these people live in a healthy environment.  I would also like to thank you for your enormous support I'm receiving from you since my training seminar.  Many thanks." ---Nykaza Wojciech, R.N., C.M.I., C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario, Canada,  December 6, 2007.

        “It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you did during the seminars on mold inspection and remediation. The way you conduct your lecture and presentation is a real art and each word (e.g., contract, inspect, look, test, contain, kill, remove, protect, prevent) and printed handout is a lecture by itself. I have no doubt that you have opened a new era for me in the mold testing field.”--- Saifeldin El-Nagerabi, Ph.D in mycology (science of mold) and a professor of mycology at a Canadian University. Dr. El-Nagerabi, now a Certified Mold Inspector, attended Mr. Fry’s 2 day mold training seminar in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, June 16-17, 2007.

         "The mold inspector and remediator course that I received recently from PCI has opened up all kinds of doors for me here in Ontario. There is a major need for qualified people here in Canada. Phil Fry has put on an extremely interesting, interactive course that is so right on for the times. The reference material was so impressive. Phil's knowledge and years of experience make this 2 day classroom study a real joy. Continuing education and support from PCI make this one time financial investment worth every cent. Custom websites are placed strategically so that we will always have  priority listings. Thanks Phil and PCI."---Peter Marion, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, July 14, 2007.

          \"I wanted to thank Phil Fry for a truly informative mold and environmental hygienist training seminar. The one on one and group interaction rivaled some of the best  training I have ever received. The information was concise, to the point and very detailed. I am pleased to be a member of such a cutting edge group of professionals who truly care about people and doing the job right, thank you again."---James L Smith, Olympia, Washington, July 18, 2007.

        "I have been back from your mold seminar just three days and have already booked more then a dozen units to abate for my local Housing authorities! Thanks!"---emailed Jerry Bond on October 24, 2002. on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

        "I found the course very informative. It caused me to re-think ways to improve and expand my business."---wrote Robert A. Carr, Sr., Morrisville, Penn. on his class evaluation July 24, '02.

        "A great deal of useful information was provided for both mold testing and mold remediation. This seminar made clear the facts concerning mold and how to manage it. The course taught many inventive and unique ideas to locate, identify, kill and remove mold."---Brad Kittinger, Associated Construction & Development, Cape Coral, Florida, on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.
        "Thank you and your wife for the classes that I just finished on mold inspections. Being a past home builder and home inspector for the past ten years I found your classes very informative. Whereas I used to identify apparent mold, I can now go to the next level with the help of your lab and really show a client what their health risks really are in relation to the mold found. I have had many inquires since you put me on the internet and I am looking forward to a long term business relationship with your company and of course your help," emailed
Jim Johnson of Mold Finders, a div. of Michiana Home Inspectors, Inc., on March 1, 2002.

        "I really liked your course. I would like to become a member on your website. I really feel that my becoming a Certified Mold Inspector is going to help my home inspection business," emailed Jim Linke, home inspector, of Gateway Home Inspection, Denver, Colorado, on April 21, 2002.

        "Very good."---wrote Jason Landess, Las Vegas, Nevada, attorney, and legal consultant for Innovative Healthworks, Inc., Environmental Division, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

        "The seminar instructional material was professionally presented and was easy to understand. I am convinced I can use this information to aid me in my investigations dealing with mold."---wrote
Don M. Barker, State of Nevada Department of Corrections, Henderson, Nevada
, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

        "I found that P.C.I. has lived up to my every expectation that I had before attending the P.C.I. mold school. I am very pleased to be associated with P.C.I."---wrote Bruce Siler, Lightning Home Inspection Technologies Services, Grover Beach, California, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

        "Very informative and eye opening seminar."---wrote Robert Brulhardt, NFC Limited, Wantagh, NY, on his seminar evaluation form on May 18, 2002.

        "I now have a better knowledge of the mold industry as a whole. With this education I will be a very competent mold inspector and very successful in the mold testing area."---reported Lori Konecsny, Lori K. Mechancial, Inc., Southampton, N.J., on her class evaluation July 24, 2002

        "Very good content. I would like to attend your future continuing education classes to learn more. Phillip [Fry] did an excellent job."---Kenneth Whitacre, Damascus, Maryland,
on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

        "Very informative on the subject of testing and remediation of mold. All questions were answered and all avenues of help were provided, including excellent books."---noted Donald S. Madsen, Madsen, Inc., Broomall, Penn., on his class evaluation form July 24, 2002.

"Very helpful. There was a large amount of information made available that was unknown to me before attending the seminar. It is also comforting to know that P.C.I. is available at all times to answer questions in the future."---Sean McInerney, MoldBusters, Inc., Palm Beach, Florida, on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

        "Very good. The information and presentation were both excellent and very useful and a great help to my company and to the manufactured home industry."---reported William E. Fisher, Jr., a national expert on construction defects of manufactured homes, in his class evaluation form on April 21, 2002.

        "This class is so much 'hands on'. It's a 'win-win' situation for both my company and yours. Your great class has inspired me to move my business to another level and to thus benefit from a bright business future in mold testing."---commented Kevin L. Kusel, G.S.S. Field Servicing, New Jersey, on his class evaluation form on March 14, 2002.

        "Awesome. I have spent time at several mold seminars and was more educated here in just the first day here than all of the seminars combined. Not to mention that everything I learned at those other seminars was wrong. Phil and Paul are great teachers."---noted Damon L. Kellogg of New Plumbing Contractors, Orange, California, on his class evaluation form, March 14, 2002.

        "Very informative. Lab tour and explanation by lab director Dave was very impressive. Good exchange and sharing of information among students and teachers. Great remediation information."--- wrote construction consultant John V. Waltz of suburban Chicago, Ill., on his class evaluation form, March 14, 2002.

         "You have trained my guys to operate safely in a hazardous environment and to make more money for my company."---wrote Dennis W. Talbot, president of Preservation Center, Inc., on his class evaluation form April 21, 2002.

         "The seminar was great. I have a better understanding of mold. I will now be able to get more involved in it."---noted James P. Bonner, Aquarian Plumbing and Heating, Inc., Langhorne, PA, on his class evaluation form July 24, 2002.

         "Very informative. Provides a solid basis of knowledge for both the mold testing and mold remediation businesses."---Sally Ann Coad, an insurance claims expert, Revere, Massachusetts,
on her class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

        "The seminar was very informative."---noted Mike McGraw of Cantrum McGraw, Clifton Heights, PA., on his class evaluation form July 24, 2002.

         "The Certified Mold Training Seminar in Akron was most exciting and insightful. You have done your normal complete and accurate presentation of the facts. My partner is excited. My friends are excited. This is definitely the hot button for a lot of money and the ability to help people with various needs. Having attended hundreds of seminars, this was one of the best because of the material presented. Thank you again so much!"---wrote Ron Lawson, indoor air quality consultant in Akron, Ohio, in an email on April 27, 2002.

         "Without a doubt I will expand my services to mold testing and will consider also doing remediation. Phil and Paul have it together to a science."---wrote George Hatcher of Toxic Research, Woodland Hills, California, in his seminar evaluation sheet May 18, 2002.

         "The overall knowledge and up-to-date technology was a step forward for the future direction of my mold remediation company. I went to P.C.I. to be the leader in my industry. Now I will achieve it, no doubt." wrote Charlie Woodruff of MC Services, Jacksboro, Texas, in his seminar evaluation sheet May 18, 2002.

         "Very informative, Good reference materials. I would like to send the rest of our staff to this seminar very soon."---John P. Averill, Associated Contractors & Development, Inc., Cape Coral, Florida,
on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

         "Great. I finally got some key questions answered. Very informative. This seminar has definitely helped me understand dealing with mold from start to finish with regards to the mold testing process and mold cleanup."---observed Judy Morton, Orange County, Calif., on her class evaluation form on March 14, 2002.

         "Excellent. Seminar covered many aspects of the mold business, and I feel that it has sufficiently prepared me to start my own mold business."---Brian Ramdwar, Verona, Kentucky,
on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

       "Good. Lots of great information."---reported Ken Midgett, A.S.A.P. Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Quakertown, Pennsylvania, on his class evaluation form, July 24, 2002.

       "Great. Provided me with more knowledge for any and all questions about mold from my clients." wrote Craig A. Damon, Damon's Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Dover, Pennsylvania, on his class evaluation form July 24, 2002.

        "Very good presentation. I would highly recommend this seminar to other mold professionals."---Joseph Payne, Gaithersburg, Maryland, on his class evaluation June 16, 2002.

"Phil, Thanks for a great course, my boss has gone for this in a big way," emailed Paul Renton, Atlanta, on Jan. 29, 2002. [Paul works as vice president for quality control for a very successful home builder.] 

"Dear Phillip, just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I appreciate your help. Coming to Hurricane Utah to become certified by the Mold Inspectors Institute was probably the best decision that I have ever made. I now have a competitive edge over my competition!!," emailed Michael Bokenkamp, President/Argus Inspection Services Inc., Houston, TX, Jan. 31, 2002.

        "Dear Phil,
on behalf of myself, Cary, and the rest of the staff of Combined Construction Company, we truly appreciate you and are honored to be associated with you and your organization. The training that we received at your training facility is priceless!  We are now one of the leading Mold Remediation Companies in the lower quadrant of the United States. We are also No.1 when it comes to cutting edge technology for the treatment of Toxic mold and Toxic mold removal! We are the only Complete Certified Mold Contractors in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, specializing in pack-out, remediation, and reconstruction, thanks to God  first, and to you Phil. Combine Construction is forever grateful and is always available to you and at your service!!! Thanks for everything!" emailed Iredious Bennett and

"Exciting, enlightening, thought provoking are my evaluation of this seminar which will help me considerably."---wrote Pat Flaherty of Royal Renovations Clear Lake, Minnesota, on his seminar evaluation form May 18, 2002.

       "I firmly believe that the mold issue is here and will continue to become a major part of our industry. After taking this class, I feel that I am ahead of the rest in my industry."---wrote John J. Haley III, Guy M. Cooper, Inc., Willow Grove, PA, on his class evaluation form July 24, 2002.

"Thank you for working around my schedule to have me out there for your certification course.  I have been doing remediation for a couple of years now, but there are techniques that I didn't know about until I took your course. Being certified in testing & remediation will be nothing but a asset to my company. Since I  was put on your web site, I have been getting Emails and calls from my region daily. The response is very positive and encouraging," emailed Scott Santner, Cobak Environmental Division of Cobak Construction, Milwaukee, on Feb. 3, 2002.

"I am pleased with this seminar for two reasons. First, the accessibility of answers for my questions; and second, the extent of explanation provided in response to my questions during the seminar."---wrote Jesse Burks of Secure Investments Home Inspection Services, Caldwell, Idaho, in his class evaluation form May 18, 2002.

       "Very informative. The topics covered will help me with my plumbing and general contracting companies." wrote Jason Guilliam, TPC Management, Gilbert, Arizona, on his class evaluation form May 18, 2002.

       "Thanks so much for your hospitality and for putting on an informative class this past week," emailed Teresa Murdoch of Baymold, San Jose, Calif. on March 6, 2002.

        "Good seminars to get me started in this mold business. I look forward to our follow up seminars and newsletters;."---wrote James F. Rearden, Rearden Plumbing, Reading, Penn. on his class evaluation form July 24, 2002.

       "Your seminar was very informative and enlightening, including about the business side of mold inspection. Your seminar will help make to earn a lot of money in providing accurate and thorough mold inspection and testing to my clients," wrote Alastair L. Big, of Arizona on his class evaluation April 21, 2002.

        "Your seminar is very informational. I came to the seminar totally unaware of the procedures of both testing and treating mold. I now feel competent that I understand the procedures that need to be followed to do the work effectively and safely."---Jeremy Horn, Mesa Verde Property Management, on his class evaluation form April 21, 2002.

         "Very educational and helpful for doing mold testing and mold abatement."---William F. Jimenez, P.C.I. of Utah, on his class evaluation April 21, 2002.

         "It's a good seminar that will help me and Coast West Plumbing save money and make money."---wrote Pat Mulvaney, Coast West Plumbing, Santa Ana, California, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

         "Very informative. I learned things that were life and business changing."---John Grossman, ASAP Field Service, Country Club Hills, Illinois, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

        "Educational and a good starting point for the understanding of mold and its dangers."---wrote Jeff Goane, Murray's, Holmes, Penn., on his class evaluation form July 24, 2002.

        "The seminar was very informative and educational on the harmful effects of mold. I learned a lot about the prevention, testing, and remediation of mold."---wrote Dale Luna of Arizona, on his class evaluation form April 21, 2002.

         "Very informational and presented in an easy-to-understand way."---wrote Brion Wendel of ANA Construction, on his class evaluation April 21, 2002.

        "I took pages of notes on both days. I look forward to putting my new knowledge to work for me. I am very glad to know we can get support and questions answered by Mold Inspector's Client Service Manager. Thanks, Phil, for sharing your knowledge with us!" wrote R. Scott Ziegler, Trappe, Penn., his class evaluation form July 24, 2002.

         "Extremely valuable information. I'm particularly impressed with the protective measures that Paul and Phillip preach about environmental safety and personal safety precautions. Also, the reading materials you provide give me so much knowledge. I now feel very confident and comfortable in dealing with mold."---wrote Greta Rondinelli, Premier Construction, Gary, Indiana, on her class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

        "This seminar is a great starting point for anyone who wants to deal with toxic mold problems."---Alec Pekler, Toxic Mold Remediation Services, Encino, California, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

         "The seminar was very informative. The good instructors helped a great deal."---wrote Jerry Gregg, Midcal, Inc., on his class evaluation April 21, 2002.

         "Information was fantastic. The presentations were done with strong professionalism and in depth knowledge on the part of the instructors. This is the best course I have ever attended."---Donald Nottingham, Royal Enterprises, Las Vegas, Nevada, on his class evaluation form April 21, 2002.

         "Informative and well worth the time and money I spent to attend this seminar. I really appreciate the substantial time spend on developing the business side of mold testing and remediation." Erick Jensen, Seattle, Washington, on his class evaluation form April 21, 2002. 

It was great to participate in your seminar. Thank you for your insight and expertise. I look forward to a professional and lucrative relationship with your firm."---emailed Frank Buchholz of Bucholz Construction, California.

         "Very informative, full of facts. I was very impressed with Phil and Paul."---wrote Peter Dandley, Dandley Enteprises, Brea, California, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

         "This seminar lets you know the does and don'ts of mold, how to test, how to treat mold, what to look for, knowing what questions to ask the client to better find the problem."---wrote Wes Coe of Big Daddy's on his mold seminar evaluation form on April 27, 2002.

         "Very good! I like the way the speakers blend together when giving information. They both speak very well on all subjects."---Dick Peck, Plaster Restoration System, Las Vegas, NV, on his class evaluation form May 18, 2002.

          "Very informative. Worth every dollar I spent to attend!"---Michael Critchfield, Mold Blockers, Chico, California, on his class evaluation form May 18, 2002.

          "Your seminar provides me with an incredible opportunity to help people and to make money."--noted Justin Rooks, East Coast Environmental, on his mold seminar evaluation form April 27, 2002.

          "The seminar was very educational about the hazards of mold and the treatment of mold." wrote Michael Maurer on his mold seminar evaluation form on April 27, 2002.

           "Just attended seminar in Akron, OH by mold instructor Paul Brennan. Very nice job by Paul. Very good information for additional revenue by providing a needed, value-added service."---wrote Michael Macumber of RM Home Repairs via email on May 2, 2002.

          "Thanks again for the good training and certification last week." emailed Rick Jones of Fairmont Homes, Indianapolis, Indiana, on April 26, 2002.

          "The seminar was very informative and will become a useful tool in our area for mold testing and removal. I look forward to using the information I have learned to help our people and the people in neighboring towns."---wrote Alex Zaste, Turtle Mountain Housing Authority, North Dakota, on his seminar evaluation form May 18, 2002.

          "Very helpful. Sampling and collection techniques were very informative."---wrote Ed Warner of Aspen Consulting and Engineering, Helena, Montana, on his class evaluation form, May 18, 2002.

         "Very informative."---wrote Timothy Connelly, Innovative HealthWorks, Inc., Environmental Division, Fullerton, California, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

          "Very good informational instruction. Learned a lot of things that will help in the future for detecting and removing mold."---wrote Ronald Lindgren, Lancaster, California, on his class evaluation form, May 18, 2002.

          "Excellent, very informative. This seminar was well received by both myself and the other professionals also attending my seminar class."---wrote Robert Bevacqua, Scott Environmental, San Clemente, California.

         "The seminar was very informative on mold inspection and mold remediation."---wrote Judy Wood, Wood Environmental, Santa Barbara, Calif., on her class evaluation June 22, 2002.

          "Good information. I learned a lot about how and where to look for mold."---wrote Jim Pope of Plaster Restorations of Las Vegas, Nevada, on his class evaluation form May 18, 2002.

           "The material covered in this course was very educational. The instructors handled everyone's questions well, and were very well prepared as speakers."---Mike Peck, Plaster Restoration System, Las Vegas, Nevada, on his class evaluation form May 18, 2002.

          "Your mold class was a great experience for me. I learned a lot more than I expected. I already have my first mold jobs lined up. Thanks for both your mold technical education and your great marketing advice."---Juan Zambrano, Zambrano Roofing, Texas, in his email June 6, 2002.

          "Very informative, and I enjoyed your hospitality. I  am looking forward to working with your company on a long-term basis."---
Michael Tennyson, FireGuard Enterprise, Yukon, Oklahoma, on his class evaluation form May 18, 2002.

          "Great content."---Ronald Hollomon, Longview, Texas, on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

          "Very well organized and presented. I now have confidence that I'm using the most current methodology in my mold inspections and testing services."---Ronald Campbell, Snoopy's Indoor Air Quality Testing, Shasta Lake, California, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

          "Excellent content."---Robert White, Roswell, Georgia, on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

         "I found the seminar to be very informative and found the instruction to be very knowledgeable. I was also encouraged about the available, continuing support which I now know I can expect from P.C.I."---Danny J. Holland, PFI Group, Montgomery, Texas, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.     

         "Tremendous content,"---Michael Breidenbach, Longwood, Florida, on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

         "Excellent class. I learned loads of great information and feel confident about starting my business."---Carlos Scott Morse, CSM Environmental, Marion, Illinois, on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

         "Very informative."----Scott Baker, Strasburg, Colorado, on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

         "The course was very thorough and the instructors answered all of the students' questions very adequately. A course well worth the money. I was very impressed with the aspect of ongoing education provided by P.C.I. to its graduates."---wrote Chase W. Dolph, A-1 Technical Services, Inc., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

         "This course has been excellent. Very informative and it will definitely help my career in mold services."---Jeffrey S. Burke, Tampa, Florida, on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

         "This class was invaluable to the success of my mold inspecting and remediation career. Thanks." ---Dakota Poluvsky-Davis, Tampa, Florida, on her class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

        "I think the school is very good and I like the reference material you provide to your students. I think your free continuing education seminar every January is a great idea."---wrote Ray Lewis, Ray Lewis Inspections, Palmdale, California, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

         "Great seminar."---John Diesel, Cincinnati, Ohio, on his class evaluation June 16, 2002.

         "Good overall knowledge of mold and very well presented."---wrote Ronald Tripodi, Port Orchard, Washington, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

         "Terrific."---wrote Jim Marley, J.G. Enterprises, Phelan, California, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

         "Very good information."---wrote Brad EngeBregson, Las Vegas, Nevada, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.
         "Excellent."---John Halley III, Covington, Louisiana, on his class evaluation June 16, 2002.

         "Good seminar. It will help me make a suitable income in the mold business by helping me to perform at my best."---wrote Leonel Pompa, Textile Enteprises, Inc., Helotes, Texas, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

        "A great starting point for becoming a mold inspector. Good information on techniques."---Glenn Jones, New Orleans, Louisiana, on his class evaluation June 16, 2002.

       "The ideas are very useful."---Jack Ginnett, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvnia, on his class evaluation form June 16, 2002.

        "Very good."---wrote Tom Thuan Hoang, real estate broker, Santa Clara, California, on his class evaluation for June 22, 2002.

        "Excellent. All of my mold questions were answered."---Vernon Crowdis, Henderson, Nevada, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

        "Very helpful. This seminar was good and it will help me help our clients."---Ricardo Pompa, Textile Enterprises, Inc., Helotes, Texas, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

        "The knowledge gained from the seminar will definitely prove to be invaluable to me and my company."---wrote Brett Boydston, Express Environmental Solutions, Pflugerville, Texas, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

        "Good. Really helpful in my understanding the mold industry. I will now be able to answer all questions my customers ask me about mold."---wrote Pedro Pompa, Textile Enterprises, Inc., Helotes, Texas, on his class evaluation form June 22, 2002.

         "Very beneficial and educational." wrote Josh Freeman, Home Town Real Estate/Mold Doctor, Collinsville, Oklahoma, on his seminar evaluation form Sept. 21, 2002.

        "Good seminar. Very informative."---noted Erick Dollison, Edi Claims, Shilow, Illinois, on his seminar evaluation form Sept. 21, 2002.

        "Very informative in a wide number of areas. Helpful and profitable." commented William F. Young, J.R. Young Construction Co., Van Buren, Arkansas.



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