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Environmental Hygienists Association
Mold Training Curriculum for Certified Mold Inspector
and Certified Mold Remediator

Techniques for Inspecting and Testing for Mold

Instructor mold expert Phillip Fry will provide you with in-depth E.H.A. classroom and online mold training so that you can inspect and test homes, rental properties, offices, and other properties with the following testing methods---

  1. Careful and thorough physical inspection of the entire building and its environment including, but not limited to, checking for roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and water intrusions into basements and crawl spaces; inspecting hvac [heating, ventilating, and air condition] equipment and ducts; inspecting crawl spaces, attics, and INSIDE wall, ceiling, and floor cavities using a special fiber optics video inspection system [to look for molds growing inside walls, ceilings, and floors]; checking with a hidden moisture meter for concealed moisture or water problems inside walls, ceilings, and floors; and checking the humidity of each room and inside wall, ceiling, and floor cavities. 

  2. Testing visible molds using mold scrapings, bulk physical sampling clear 1" wide Scotch tape lift samples and swabs of the visible mold. 

  3. Testing indoor air in various rooms and locations [such as attics and crawl spaces] for elevated levels of airborne mold spores and dangerous mold spores by using controlled air testing, an automated bioaerosol impactor sampler with programmable timer to collect airborne mold spores onto mold culture plates, and the settling of airborne mold spores onto mold culture plates.: You will also master the two of the most thorough and complete mold testing techniques: (a) the spore inhalation protocol-TM; and (b) the geometric diffusion protocol-TM.

  4. Carpet mold testing [using carpet samplers] to test mold spores that have settled onto carpet, or are growing in carpeting.

  5. Taking an outdoor air test as a control reference point.

  6. Completing your tests in compliance with safety and legal requirements in regard to the possible presence of asbestos fibers for homes and buildings built prior to Jan. 1, 1985, and the possible presence of lead paint for homes and buildings built prior to 1978.

  7. The health problems that arise from mold contamination, and the health symptoms that result from exposure to mold contamination.

  8. How to write an effective report to your client that details and presents your mold test results and of your observations and findings from your physical inspection. Second, you will also learn how to write and charge for a detailed remediation protocol plan that can be used by your client to know how to remove mold infestation from their property and to obtain competitive bids from you [if you so desire] and any other mold remediation company.

  9. Recommended mold testing labs.

  10. Where to buy all mold testing equipment and supplies.

  11. How to advertise effectively for mold testing clients.

  12. What should your client-signed, mold testing contract include to protect yourself against misunderstandings, lawsuits, and damages.

  13. Other steps to take to avoid being sued for any reason related to your mold testing.

  14. In addition, all of your questions and desired mold training subjects will be answered or explained in detail throughout the entire seminar.

Mold Remediation Techniques

        Instructor Phillip Fry will provide you with in-depth online mold training so that you can remediate [remove mold safely from] homes, rental properties, offices, and other properties with the following remediation and removal methods---

  1. Find and locate all points of mold contamination in the home or building with thorough inspection and testing. 

  2. Locate and fix all sources of mold-causing water intrusion such as flooded areas, recurring flood causes and sources, other flooding problems water leaks, broken water pipes, leaky roofs or exterior walls, defective air conditioning condensations lines, and excessive humidity.

  3. Contain the moldy work area [and thus contain the mold spores that will be released into the air by opening up mold-contaminated areas] using wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, 6 mill plastic sheeting as containment walls, industrial hepa filters, negative air pressure including exhausting mold-laden air into the outdoors, and large dehumidifiers. 

  4. The use of wear personal protective gear while testing and remediating mold, such as:
    Tyvek protective suit with built-in hood and shoe covers; gloves; and one piece, full face protective eye goggles with built-in breathing respirator with cartridge filtration.

  5. Kill visible mold and disinfected cleaned areas by spraying it with EPA-recognized Mold Killer.

  6. Remove dead, live, and dormant mold. 

  7. Remove and discard all mold-contaminated building materials [such as drywall and insulation] in doubled up bags [double bagging]. 

  8. Clean out the mold-afflicted area, including power planing, abrasive blasting, and power sanding of all wood beams and other timbers to remove all mold deposits---or replace unsalvageable timbers with new, mold-free timbers.

  9. Spray onto the cleaned out area your choice of two different anti-microbial coatings that will be explained and compared in detail.

  10. Remove mold from all personal property and home furnishings that have been exposed to mold in the home or other real estate property.

  11. Replace mold-contaminated hvac equipment, air handlers, and duct work with new ones or remove the mold from inside the existing hvac and prevent future mold problems with a custom-designed ultraviolet light system from Mold Inspector that is installed in both the supply and return side of the hvac equipment and air handlers. 

  12. Close in the mold-remediated area with mold-free, new building materials [usually done by a home remodeling company or general contractor rather than by the mold remediation company].

  13. Where to buy all mold remediation equipment and supplies.

  14. How to advertise successfully for mold remediation clients.

  15. How to price your mold remediation services.

  16. What should your client-signed, mold remediation contract include to protect yourself against misunderstandings, lawsuits, and damages.

  17. Other steps to take to avoid being sued in relation to your mold remediation jobs---so that you don't get sued like the mold contractors for comedian Ed McMahon!  Read about the McMahon lawsuit against his mold remediators and homeowner's insurance company by clicking on: McMahon Lawsuit.

  18. In addition, all of your questions and desired mold training subjects will be answered or explained in detail throughout the entire seminar.

If you need more info or have questions, please email Training Director Phillip Fry  phil@moldinspector.com, or phone Phil 480-310-7970 USA.


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