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For E.H.A. environmental training information, please email E.H.A. training director and
mold expert Phillip Fry
Email phil@moldinspector.com or Phone Toll-Free 1-866-300-1616
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UK Toxic Mould Training & Certification Seminar in London
Set by Environmental Hygienists Association Oct. 6-8, 2014

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UK Toxic Mould Training & Certification Seminar in London Set by Environmental Hygienists Association Oct. 6-8, 2014

Training and certification for Certified Mould Inspector, Certified Mould Remediator, and Certified Environmental Hygienist for United Kingdom residents is available Oct. 6, 7, and 8, 2014, in London by the U.S.-based Environmental Hygienists Association (E.H.A.).

Instructors are Phillip Fry and Divine Fry, international mold experts, Professional Industrial Hygienists, Certified Environmental Hygienists, Certified Mold Inspectors, Certified Mold Remediators, and Certified Air Duct Cleaning Specialists.

Mr. Fry is webmaster of the UK website www.uk-toxic-mould-allergy.com, as well as the international websites www.moldinspector.com, www.moldexpertconsultants.com, and www.buildingmoldinspection.com. He is the author of five mold advice ebooks including Mold Health Guide and Mold Legal Guide.

UK seminar participants will begin their studies online immediately in the comfort of their home or office by reading six mould and bioaerosol hazard textbooks and by reading and studying online the hundreds of training pages published on the two E.H.A. training websites for mould professionals and environmental hygienists.

Student training and certification will conclude with the three day London seminar that will include hands-on training on the use of mould and environmental inspection, testing, removal, and remediation equipment and products, as well as the in depth mould and environmental hygienist instruction by seminar instructors Phillip and Divine Fry, who have been providing mould and environmental training and certification since 2001 in the USA, Canada, and Asia.

The London seminar on
Oct. 6, 7, and 8, 2014, will be the E.H.A.s first in the United Kingdom and Europe. For years, we have received many emails and phone calls from the UK requesting that we come to the UK to teach the very advanced inspection and removal techniques that we have perfected since 1999, the year I became the first full time mold inspector in the USA. points out Mr. Fry, whose public health career began with his working for the U.S.A.s National Institutes of Health and with his serving subsequently as a hospital and medical center administrator.

For information on enrolling in the E.H.A. training and certification program, email Mr. Fry phil@moldinspector.com or phone him 1-480-310-7970 (USA) or visit E.H.A.s website www.ecology-college.com.